who we are

We’re excited to have you here!

Carmen and Robert hail from beautiful Thun in Switzerland, nested within the Swiss alps. They left everything behind and moved to the Yukon more than eighteen years ago.

Our Family

Together with their 3 kids (all true Canadians!) they have been living off the land and pretty much off the grid ever since: their home at Wheaton River is solar powered, they use water directly from the stream and organic veggies grow in their backyard (at least as long as there is no snow). Part of the family are also one donkey and one horse (they are friends), seven dogs, two cats, many chickens, two rooster and 2 guinea pigs!

Our Core Values

At their Wheaton River Wilderness Retreat they accommodate guests year-round. And they worked hard to make it what it is today: a place to relax, to have fun, to be outside, and to explore. Both Carmen and Robert are professional tour guides. They are passionate about their surroundings and eager to get you outdoors: In a canoe, on foot for a decent hike, with snowshoes or on skis, any thing is possible! Come to Wheaton River Wilderness Retreat and let them show you their favorite hidden gems in the Yukon country. You won’t regret it!